About Bigg Riggs Farm

From a family that’s been farming for 8 generations, and producing from the family farm for 5 generations, Bigg Riggs Farm brings you home-grown abundance from Hampshire County, in the hills of West Virginia.

The idea for Bigg Riggs was born in the sandy deserts of Iraq in 2003, on my first deployment with the United States Marine Corps. While talking with my fellow comrades (Craig Erlanger, Walt Faschi, Alan Reifenberg, Kyle Conley, and Dan Gorman) about my life in Hampshire County, West Virginia we began discussing the farm my family has owned for five generations.

Actually, my family has been farming within a few miles of here for 8 generations. Being that their lives were much different from mine, they became very interested in the life I live and encouraged me to share this homestyle feeling with the world. After discussing the fact that we were only able to offer the fruit seasonally to hometown buyers, the other marines suggested capturing that same taste in a jar.

We service customers within an 80 mile radius. Areas include:

  • Augusta
  • Romney
  • Capon Bridge
  • Winchester
  • Front Royal
  • Alexandria
  • Bloomery